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          3C Application coating

          We define the coating used for all electronic product as 3C Application coating, main include computer, mobile, home appliances.


          Current Available

          ? High Efficiency Coatings

            Re-workable UV system

            Fast dry soft touch

            UV Soft Touch

            Single stage UV topcoat

            Low LCR coating system

            Universal 2K Primer

            Anti-finger prints topcoats

            Plating UV system

            Ultrathin UV hardcoat

            Bio-Degradable Solution

            Waterborne system

          R&D milestone

          On June 2014, Donglai bring out ELECBLOCK low capacitance electrical coating, quickly get the approval from SHARP and applied on Aquos Crystal phone.

          On October 2015, Donglai bring out CFS Primer with high filling, easy polishing, fast dry and high hardness.


          On March 2016, Donglai bring out High Bake MA Primer/Topcoat system, unconventional formulation design, not only meet the performance requirements but also metallic effect on appearance.


          On April 2016, Donglai passed ASUS’s quality control, coating Process evaluation, Environmental and hazardous substances management three management system approval, became supplier for ASUS computer.


          On September 2016, Donglai bring out Anti-Vibration UV Topcoat with special UV resin technology for anti-abrasion coating.


          On September 2016, Donglai bring out Anti-Finger Prints UV Topcoat, could apply on plastic, but also on aluminum alloy anode material.

          On October 2016, Donglai bring out Single stage UV topcoat system, with high cover and metallic performance.

          Successful cases


          SHARP AQUOS CRYSTAL phone

          Donglai 3C Elecblock low capacitance electrical coating


          ASUS computer

          Full UV system



          Personalized color customization